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Sea of Thieves

I worked at Rare for one year as an Environment Art Intern in the Asset and Level Art teams, contributing to the creation of the beautiful stylised environments of Sea of Thieves.

Sebastian vomvas 2 asset production
Sebastian vomvas 1 level art
Sebastian vomvas tasks
Sebastian vomvas sea monster skeleton 1

I assembled the sea monster skeletons from individual bones (created by other artists), then placed them around Kraken's Fall.

Sebastian vomvas monster
Sebastian vomvas sea monster skeleton 2
Sebastian vomvas foundations 2

I created a set of building foundations, by reusing geometry from existing assets.

Sebastian vomvas foundations 1

I integrated those foundations into the terrain, through sculpting and foliage.

Sebastian vomvas building foundations 2
Sebastian vomvas foundations 3

I also put together some barrel clusters, for fast placement around the islands.

Sebastian vomvas cave

The cave in Cannon Cove was the first Area of Interest I worked on, in collaboration with other artists.

Sebastian vomvas graveyard

The graveyard in Wanderer's Refuge is another area I worked on.

Sebastian vomvas one falcon

I placed landmarks around the world, based on the deeds of players.

Sebastian vomvas basket

Many skeletons found their grim end in my hands.

Sebastian vomvas pile

I created the skull pile/altar asset by combining existing geometry.

Sebastian vomvas scarecrow

I created this asset in the same way.

Sebastian vomvas shelves

I created a set of furniture, used in the game's shops, by blocking out and sculpting a modular kit from scratch. Here, you can see some shelves from that set.

Sebastian vomvas dice

I made this pair of dice, seen in the game's intro cinematic.