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Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line

Tees Valley Line is the first DLC for Train Sim World that I was fully involved in, as a World Builder at Dovetail Games.

Recreating real train routes in Train Sim World is a collaborative effort between artists and developers of different specialisations - the whole team is amazing. My work as a World Builder involves terrain sculpting & painting, asset placement and technical tasks such as collision setup, all in Unreal Engine 4. The assets themselves (buildings, foliage, textures etc) are created by other artists.

Using a combination of Google Earth, photographic reference and old maps (from the 80s, when Tees Valley Line is set), I put together most of the scenery around Dinsdale, Teesside Airport, Allens West and Eaglescliffe stations - about 20 square kilometres in total.

The project was extremely fun to work on and is now out for everyone to play. The screenshots here are from some of the areas I built along the route.