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Divided Kingdom

Our second year Games Art group project at the University of Hertfordshire. I was responsible for blocking out the scene, creating all of the architectural/modular assets and assembling them together, as well as tileable procedural materials and a few individual assets.

Ben Macauley ( was responsible for the lighting, particles, set dressing and most of the non-architectural asset creation. Keön Viljoen was our character artist and Sam Blake ( was our composer and voice actor.

Divided Kingdom was featured as a finalist at the University of Hertfordshire's Animation Exposé 2016.

[UE4 Cinematic] Divided Kingdom

Sebastian vomvas ben macauley highresscreenshot00010 1
Sebastian vomvas ben macauley highresscreenshot00009 1
Sebastian vomvas ben macauley dk1 1
Sebastian vomvas movieframe00106
Sebastian vomvas movieframe00002
Sebastian vomvas breakdown

Asset Breakdown

Sebastian vomvas material breakdown

Procedural Materials

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Me, Ben and Keön, finalists of UHAnimation Exposé 2016